Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the science of understanding the system of energy flows which connect the mind, body and the spirit in a human being.  The human being is comprised of a system of energy flows and when these energy flows are blocked or are in resistance to natural currents then illness and disease is created in the physical body.   What a practitioner who practices energy healing does is promote within the human being balance and harmony to the energy flow which, in turn, effect and heal the physical body.  The healing is entirely done by the individual and not the practitioner.  The practitioner is just the conduit to the person in need of the healing.  Energy healing techniques work primarily with the mental, emotional, and physical energy fields of the body.  Therefore, energy healing is concerned with the power of our thoughts and how our thoughts affect our bodies.

Everything is energy and working with energy is where all illness originates and it is where all healing begins.

The Science of Energy Medicine understands that as humans we are not comprised of matter, but we are comprised of energy and it is the quality of this energy that determines abundant health.  Where conventional medicine looks at the body as parts of a system, energy medicine views the body as holistic in nature and as a whole system.  The physical system is not only a biochemical interaction between mind and body but also effected by attitudes, emotions and beliefs which influence the energy field that influences body, mind and spirit.

The Role of an Intuitive Healer is one who uses their intuitive skills for the purpose of reading the human energy system and its energy flow.  An Intuitive Healer will identify energetic imbalances and malfunctions in the physical body and look at physiological, psychological and psychospiritual characteristics of the human energy system.  Then link those characteristics to what is occurring at a cellular and glandular level in the physical body.  Through the use of their intuitive skills, an Intuitive Healer is able to analyze a person’s energy on four different levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The purpose of working with four energy flows is to:

  • Identify where energetic imbalances are occurring.
  • Determine the origin site of the imbalances.
  • Clarify what is triggering the imbalances; emotional, mental or spiritual.
  • Identify how these imbalances are affecting the physical body.
  • Analyze all of the parts of the body that are being affected.
  • Determine what needs to be done to restore energetic and physical balance.

Once the information is gathered, then it is the role of the Intuitive Healer is to educate the person and present the information clearly and concisely so that the client can create the changes necessary to regain a healthy energy flow and promote their self-healing process.

I look forward to assisting you in your future healing with energy healing and my skills as an Intuitive Healer.

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