Feng Shui Services

A private Feng Shui Consultation is done so that you can create an abundant environment in which to thrive and supports your overall quality of life in your home or business.

There are three different methods that Sandra may utilize in a Feng Shui Consultation: Traditional Compass School or Classical Feng Shui using the Lo Pan Compass Black Hat Tantric Buddism Method utilizing the Front Door as the Bagua Form School

Reasons to Hire Sandra as your Feng Shui Consultant:

• Selling Your Home
• Staging a Home to Sell
• Buying A New Home
• Building a New Home
• Creating a Supportive Environment within your Home or Business
• Something doesn’t feel right, but you don’t know what it is.
• Creating the highest and best use of space for health, wealth, relationships,
family, creativity and love in your Home or Business.
• Designing a home or business
• Enhance the color and design of the Home or Business
• Creating functional and healthy spaces for children
• Changing your life to reflect your inner truth
• Death or sickness in a home requires adjustments
• Any life transitions that require movement in a home or business
And more……

How will Feng Shui help me?

FENG SHUI used in a home or business will absolutely transform your living space and allow for free flowing energy to empower you and your space. During a Feng Shui consultation, Sandra will determine where the Chi flow is blocked and use the principles of Feng Shui to enhance the home or business with color, shapes, elements and more. You will love the feeling of your home or office and it will be designed with function in mind for practical living as well. Feng Shui when in alignment with the cosmos and your unique design will enhance your living experience in the home and in all life areas. Our home and environment is a mirror reflection of our inner being so by utilizing the principles of Feng Shui Interior Design in your home or office, it will give you huge rewards in all areas of your life. To live in the highest vibration in your home, you will find that you will lift your inner vibration and begin to attract all your dreams. You will live a healthier and happier life as a result of utilizing Feng Shui in your home.

What is involved in a Feng Shui Consultation?

Sandra offers a 30 minute complimentary consultation as an intake interview so she can get to know you and then agree on working together to achieve results. You will email Sandra at sandramarieruggles@gmail.com and you will be contacted to set up the 30 minute complimentary consultation that will be done over the telephone. Sandra will ask you for the address to the property and your birth information which includes: time, date of birth, and birth place. She will discuss your home and the people that live there and the reasons you would like a consultation so that she can plan for the visit. Please have the birth information of all occupants ready for Sandra prior to the property inspection. She will give you a brief overview of what will take place when your consultation is done and how she will work with you during the initial telephone conversation. The time of the initial property inspection varies and depends on the size of the dwelling and the results to achieve. So each consultation is different and unique, but Sandra will keep you informed of what is involved prior to the meeting.

What if I live out of the Greater Sacramento Region?

Sandra can do a consultation via Skype, email and telephone if the distance is more than 60 miles away from the Sacramento area or discuss additional fees for travel to your area. You can provide Sandra with building plans or draw your Floorplan for Sandra and submit photographs of the exterior and interior of the home and business and then a consultation can be completed just as if Sandra were there on the premises. Sandra also welcomes DVD’s of the Home or Business as well.

Email Sandra to discuss your Feng Shui Consultation in detail at sandramarieruggles@gmail.com.

What is Feng Shui?

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has been alive for over 4,000 years. It is one of the 8 rays of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the study of heaven and earth in relation to humans and all living things. The Chinese refer to this as the “San Cai” or the Three Gifts. It is the meeting of the visible, invisible and vibrational worlds together to achieve harmony and balance. When a subject such as Feng Shui has been alive and passed down for all these centuries, you know that there is truth to the principles and translation over time in its practice.

Feng Shui literally translates to Wind and Water. Wind and Water are the two forces that are the carrier of Chi or energy that exist in movement and contain life force. It is said that Chi is contained in all things that exist in the physical world. This energy is constantly moving and changing to achieve balance and harmony. In Feng Shui practice, what we are trying to achieve is containment of this Chi energy to be grounded, directed and held in a specific manner so to achieve the greatest harmony and balance within the environment or within the human body.
This is achieved through the Tai Chi or the Yin and Yang balance of the masculine and feminine energies in all living things. The Yang energy is being expressed as the most active and the Yin energy is expressed as being the most passive. Somewhere in between are the balance and the harmony we try to achieve in every space, environment or human body.

There are three types of Feng Shui theory that are most prominent in today’s culture. These are known as Form school, Traditional Compass School (Taoist Method) and the Black Hat Tantric Buddism Method.

The Form School Feng Shui takes into account land, mountains, natural earth shapes and contours implemented into an environment or a space in relation to human beings. Basic Form School Feng Shui was really just common sense in that it takes into consideration the shapes of mountains, water flows, setting and rising of the sun and wind directions. The basic premise is protection to the rear of the dwelling creating strength and water flowing in the front for movement and abundance for crops and farming. Lush green trees and plants surrounding the environment would also be considered positive or “Sheng” Chi creating luck or abundance within that area or space. It is always considered when assessing land for building or purchasing a home.

The Traditional Compass School or Taoist Method uses the Lo Pan compass to determine favorite directions based on the birth information of the occupants of the home or business.
The Black Hat Tantric Buddism Method is using the Bagua compass based on the Chinese Oracle the I-Ching and the 8 Trigrams associated with the nine life stations within a person’s life. Many know this method because it is based on the front door of the dwelling and the Compass aligns in accordance with the front door.

The Bagua Compass consists of the 8 Trigrams of the I-Ching. How did this come about? It all began with the Emperor and the Tortoise. The legend has it that Fu Hsi,a great emperor, sat meditating on the banks of the Yangtze River when a tortoise appeared to him from out of the water. The great emperor was in a great state of meditation and saw upon the tortoise shell the markings and the pattern of the Lo-Shu Magic Square. This is a unique mathematical structure arranged in 3 columns of numbers 1 through 9 that add up to fifteen in any direction. Isn’t that amazing? The Lo-Shu Magic Square was used to identify patterns for Chinese numerology, astrology, and eventually Feng Shui.

magicsquareThe numbers of the Lo-Shu Magic Square were translated by the great emperor into the 8 Trigrams of the I- Ching or also known as The Book of Changes. These later were translated into the Bagua compass of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Method of Feng Shui. The Trigrams each represent a different energy or aspect of a person’s life and are placed within the home, office, or environment and serve as the energy template within that space for that life experience. The nine life stations are as follows:

  1. Career or Life Path
  2. Marriage or Relationships
  3. Family or Ancestors
  4. Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance
  5. Health and the Overall Well-being
  6. Benefactors, Helpful People and Travel
  7. Children and Creativity
  8. Self-Cultivation/Knowledge or Wisdom
  9. Fame, Reputation, and Enlightenment

Feng Shui is sometimes referred to as “acupuncture for the home”. As a practitioner of acupuncture or acupressure would diagnose the blocked energy pathways within the meridians of the human body and try to unblock these pathways with certain pressure points or needles, so a Feng Shui practitioner looks for blockages within the pathways of the home or environment. These specific points are targeted with Feng Shui adjustments and/or cures and the blocked area changes its energy patterns and a shift occurs in that space. The space is tied to one of the nine life stations of a person’s life; therefore, a shift occurs in that particular life station when intention is applied with attention.



Feng Shui Consultation for Private Individuals (Any life or home-related Topic) – Starting at $350.00 for One consultation over the telephone or Skype (2-3 Hours)


Starting at $300.00 for the consultation (2-3 hours) and $150.00 for property inspection. Chinese Astrology and Consultation Final Report is included in the consultation fee. Additional fee for travel time if more than 60 miles.

Starting at $400.00 for the consultation (3-4 hours) and $200.00 for property inspection. Chinese Astrology and Consultation Final Report is included in the consultation fee. Additional fee for travel time if more than 60 miles.

RESIDENTIAL SINGLE FAMILY HOMES (OVER 2000 – 4000 SF) – $800.00 and up

Starting at $500.00 for the consultation (3-4 hours) and $300.00 for property inspection. Chinese Astrology and Consultation Final Report is included in the consultation fee. Additional fee for travel time more than 60 miles and acreage properties located on large land parcels. Quote given during initial intake interview when scheduling appointment.


Quote given during initial intake interview when scheduling the appointment for the consultation. A $150.00 research charge may apply if fee quote warrants research prior to inspection and Feng Shui consultation appointment scheduling.

DUPLEXES AND SMALL 4 UNIT APARTMENT BUILDINGS– One Unit only – $450.00; entire building Call for Quote

Quote given during initial intake interview when scheduling the appointment for the consultation. If it is only one unit, then the above fee for condominiums and apartments will apply.


Quote given during initial intake interview when scheduling appointment. This depends on the number of rooms, size of the home, and number of pieces of furniture. Starting at $500.00 for initial consultation (3-4 hours)

COMMERCIAL, CORPORATE AND BUSINESS – Call for Quote – See Feng Shui for Business


Sandra also offers:

Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Sessions
One hour session is $200.00. This is recorded and sent to you via email. This is done over the telephone or Skype in the convenience of your home.

Interior Space Energy Clearings and House Blessings –
$200.00 and up depending on size of area.

Land Energy Clearings and Blessings
Quoted on a case by case basis depending on size of land area.

Feng Shui Cure Shopping Services
Call for Quote

Essential Oils for the home and business
Call for Price List

Crystals for the home and business
Call for fee schedule

If you are interested in a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session with Sandra to discuss your Feng Shui questions, then please email sandramarieruggles@gmail.com. Sandra will return your questions promptly.

Om Ma Ne Pad Me Hom!

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