Feng Shui Training Program

The Holistic Business Institute presents…
The Five Element Success System
Feng Shui Life Coach Certification On-Line Program with
Mentoring and a Mastermind Forum for Business Success

If you are looking for a new career path in your life or looking to create multiple streams of income combining what you already do with the ancient art of Feng Shui, let’s begin this heart centered journey together …… The Feng Shui Life Coach Certification Program is structured so students participate for an entire year. Once a student commits to participating for one full year and completes the one year curriculum, they can then advance to the Year Two Mastery Program.

This program is designed so that students can begin doing consultations after three months in the program. After the first three months, while they begin doing Feng Shui Life Coaching and Consultations, the program will include coaching and mentoring from Sandra. Once the student has completed the one year program in its entirety, the student becomes Licensed and Certified by the Holistic Business Institute to perform their own Consultations using all the materials gathered in the one year course. If the student decides to go on to learn more and enrolls in the Year Two Mastery Program, mentoring will continue for the entire year two that the student is in the Program.

This program is truly unique because you will learn Integrative Feng Shui Principles (Classical, Black Sect Tantric Buddism Method and Form School), Five Element Theory, Real Estate Principles, Staging with Feng Shui for Real Estate, Interior Design, Color Therapy, Chinese Astrology (Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi), Life and Business Coaching Skills, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Intuition Development, Energy Healing, Grief Recovery Coaching, Medical Intuition, I-Ching, and more……

I invite you to participate in the Feng Shui Coach Certification On-Line Program this year beginning in August 2013. You can enroll in the program at any time after August 2013 and your start date determines your commitment for one year. The program can be initiated at any time after August 2013. The Feng Shui Coach Certification study program will include the following benefits:

  1. 12 Course Modules – These modules will be emailed to you on the 1st of each and every month.  These modules will guide you step by step learning Feng Shui Principles designed for the Consultant, Life Coaching skills and Business Development.
  2. 60 minute Monthly Teaching Teleseminars with Sandra.  A schedule of each group teaching call will be available after registering for the one year program.  These calls will be recorded and sent to you via email and posted in our on-line membership forum for you to review at your convenience.
  3. 60 minute Monthly Guest Expert Teleclasses on a Feng Shui topic to allow for other Master Teachers to assist in your learning experience.  These calls will be recorded and sent to you via email and posted in our on-line membership forum for you to review at your convenience.
  4. 60 minute monthly Mentoring calls with Sandra to discuss the material presented that month, ask questions, and get personal attention from Sandra.
  5. You will be given 3 Feng Shui Consultation Assignments during the year.  These will be given to you after you have completed 3 months of the Training.  You will be responsible to complete 3 consultations and write up a report that will be sent to Sandra for review prior to giving it to your new client.  This will give you the added experience of doing 3 Consultations with Sandra as your mentor so you will gain momentum with confidence, discipline, responsibility and mastery by year end.  You will invoice clients for the Consultations, so you will be already creating income before you graduate with your Certification.
  6. You will be invited to join the Membership Forum to begin to interact and associate with other students to build relationships for support and encouragement.  You can access modules, teleclasses, teleseminars and information gathered throughout the year.
  7. You will receive a License and Certification at the end of the year when all modules and assignments are completed.  The License is granted specifically to you so you may use certain materials, templates, and worksheets in your business as you move forward teaching and presenting to groups and/or clients.

Summary of the Feng Shui Life Coach Certification On-Line Program
The Five Element Success System

  • Acquiring Specialized Skills Through Guided Feng Shui Study, Feng Shui Experts, and Completing On-Site Feng Shui Consultations.
  • Working Directly With Sandra As Your Mentor and Educator.
  • Mastermind With Other Feng Shui Students In The Mastermind Community Forum.
  • Business Development Training
  • Life Coach Training

Upon registering for the one year program, you will receive:

  1. A detailed breakdown of each of the 12 modules.
  2. A detailed schedule of our Teleseminars from August 2013 to August 2014 with date and time of all calls and topic corresponding to the module for that particular month.
  3. You will receive an email in July or upon enrollment with a schedule of Feng Shui Master Consultants who will be providing our Guest Expert Teleclasses throughout the year and the topic of their choice that would be a great teaching tool for new Consultants.
  4. A detailed Outline of the three assignments due by year end for Licensing and Certification.
    A link to an on-line scheduler called Timedriver to schedule Monthly Mentoring calls with Sandra for the entire year from August 2013 to August 2014 in advance to put in your schedule immediately so you will not schedule anything else when we are scheduled for these very important calls.  If you miss a Monthly Mentoring Call, there will NOT be an opportunity to reschedule another call due to Sandra’s limited time schedule for students.  We will also schedule your two calls with Sandra for your 60 minute Discovery Session and your 60 minute Design Your Destiny Chinese Astrology Session.
    In July, you will be sent a code to enter the Mastermind Membership Forum to begin meeting other students and gain access to materials, books and resources that you will need to begin the program in August 2013.
    To begin your Business Development Training, you will receive The Holistic Business Success Secrets On-Line Program which includes:
    12 Downloadable Business Building Recordings (MP3 Format)
    12 Modules with Worksheets to get you crystal-clear clarity about how to build your Feng Shui Consulting Business.
    A 60 minute Discovery Session call with Sandra to discuss you, your desire to learn Feng Shui and any questions that you want to ask me about the program, your business, or your life.
    To begin your Life Coaching Training, you will receive a copy of my new book, “Unlocking The Grief Code” A Grief Recovery Manual using Mind, Body and Spirit Healing “Soul”utions.  Reading my book and doing the exercises in the book are a prerequisite for the Certification and Licensing in the Feng Shui Life Coach Certification Program.
    You will also receive the “Raise Your Vibration” Unlocking The Grief Code On-Line Program which includes:
    7 Downloadable Life Enhancing Recordings (MP3 Format)
    Study Guide For Transpersonal Tracking
    Video Guide of Acupressure Points for Grief Relief
    A 60 minute “Design Your Destiny” Chinese Astrology session with Sandra to have your own personal chart done prior to the beginning of class.  Sandra will email you your chart, so you will have it for class when we go over the Chinese Astrology portion of the program.
    You will receive an emailed copy of my EBook, “Staging with Feng Shui” How to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar Using the Ancient Secrets of Feng Shui for Staging.  A Step-by-Step Easy to Use Method To Get Your Property Sold Now.
    You will receive in the mail a Feng Shui Life Coach Certification On-Line Program Binder with a pack of red envelopes to get you started.  The binder is for your Modules, Worksheets, Templates and all information received during the program.  The red envelopes are used as part of the Black Sect Tantric Buddism Method of Feng Shui and should always be honored with red envelopes in the tradition of passing on information shared with you during the class.

Program Pricing

The program fee for the full participation is $399.00 per month and 27 red  envelopes per month, or $3999.00  pay in full with 324 red envelopes (with even a penny in each) for the year.  You save $789.00 or get 2 months FREE by paying in full at time of registration.
There is an initial deposit of $399.00 due at time of registration and then the participant will pay $399 per month beginning 1st day of the following month for 11 months.  The deposit pays for the final month of the student’s enrollment.
If you are paying in full then payment must be made in full at time of registration to get started and receive the discount of $789.00.
You will find the payment details outlined in the Feng Shui Coach Certification Enrollment Agreement that you will receive when you register for the program.

Sandra is honored to be of service.  It is with great love and respect that I honor your choice.  May your journey through the year be abundant and beautiful!
Blessings & Love,

Why Are We The Best?

The Holistic Business Institute presents…
The Five Element Success System
Feng Shui Life Coach Certification On-Line Program with
Mentoring and a Mastermind Forum for Business Success

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