Hypnosis & NLP


— Neuro Linguistic Programming —

(NLP) is a set of specific techniques that lead a person through self-discovery to align the conscious mind with the unconscious mind. Science has proven that approximately 95% of our unconscious mind runs our habits, emotions, attitudes and beliefs with 5% left over to run our conscious mind. The conscious mind is like the captain on the ship and the unconscious mind is like the crew. Could the captain of a ship run that ship if he/she didn’t have the cooperation of the crew? No. Therefore, if consciously we want to achieve certain objectives in our life, and we have unconscious negative behaviors, attitudes or beliefs then we have conflict within ourselves and we don’t achieve our dreams. NLP offers highly refined tools for transformation to take charge of every area of life in the most effective way possible to produce RESULTS.

Three components of NLP:

  • NEURO – The nervous system’s taking in of “reality” through the five senses: Visual (sight), Auditory (sound), Kinesthetic (touch), Olfactory (smell), and Gustatory (taste).
  • LINGUISTIC – Becoming aware of how communication occurs with self and others using pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and internal dialogue.
  • PROGRAMMING – The human brain is the most magnificent biocomputer ever created. Understanding the programs that run through the mind as thought patterns or “software” determines what programs are giving us our experiences in life. Using specific transformational tools and techniques to reprogram, upgrade and install new software for obtaining the individual’s desired, optimal results is why NLP is so successful and achieves results.

“A mind once stretched to a new dimension can never return to its original shape again.”
— Oliver Wendall Holmes


— Hypnosis —

Hypnosis is simply leading people with suggestive language into a receptive state where they themselves can access and utilize the power of their unconscious mind and its vast array of resources to direct behaviors and outcomes. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring mental state of heightened awareness and attention and the doorway to the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is said to be an accelerated process of learning, and it is no different than doing meditation or guided imagery to bring peacefulness, calmness and awareness to the individual.
“Man believes that reality resides in the solid objects he sees around him, that it is in this world that the drama of life originates, that events spring suddenly into existence, created moment by moment out of antecedent physical facts. But causation does not lie in the external world of facts. The drama of life originates in the imagination of man. The real act of becoming takes place within man’s imagination and not without.” -Neville

— What is Neurological Repatterning? —

This is a term for all those transformative tools and techniques designed to interrupt existing negative, undesired thought and behavioral patterns to create new responses and choices that achieve desired results. It is a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis formulated in conjunction with Quantum Physics and all we now know of the brain’s functioning to create reality.

In order to change our results we must change our thinking and our behaviors. Neurological Repatterning is the process of creating new synaptic pathways in the brain that allow individuals to develop different, effective behaviors and arrive at new conclusions.

NLP together with Neurological Repatterning first seeks to discover how each behavior is wired in the mind, then rewires it by developing new neurological patterns that cause the person to experience preferred outcomes. This technique is revolutionizing the way people go through the evolutionary process, communicate with each other, and interact with each other. It systematizes change to accelerate what individuals are able to accomplish without having to go through years and years of trial and error.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.”
— Albert Einstein

How can this Help Me?

If your not achieving the dreams and success you want in your life or you have poverty or bad relationships punched into your search engine, that is all you will see and attract in life. Have you ever wondered why when you have tried to change a habit or behavior it usually resurfaces? This is because our conscious willpower usually cannot compete with the power of the subconscious mind. Everything you need to break through the limitations of your past as well as accelerating your future success is right here, right now. So, starting this very moment, make the change and call Sandra for a private consultation. That’s right…..and congratulate yourself that you’ve taken the first step towards a fulfilling life and moving towards your goals, wishes and dreams. Call me now and make that appointment.

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