Sandra offers extremely practical tools and perspectives for anyone facing a loss of any size. The power of her insights are rooted in her extraordinary journey of loss and recovery ā€“ an incredible personal story that will touch and inspire any reader. Jonathan Ellerby, PhD, CEO, TAO Inspired Living and Best-selling author of Inspiration Deficit Disorder and Return To The Sacred.

It is said that the best teacher is one who has experienced what they teach. In this book, Sandra shares her stories of loss and shares exercises and techniques she learned and has used to overcome the grief and loss she has experienced. She weaves together skillfully the power of forgiveness and surrender, consciousness, energy, chakras, and her skills as a Feng Shui practitioner to offer a holistic way to heal grief and loss. Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive and Best-selling author of Healing Happens with Your Help and Your Personality Your Health.