The Pathway to a Peaceful Heart

November 7th, 8th and 9th, 2014

This Healing Retreat is based on my book, “Unlocking The Grief Code”, A Grief Recovery Manual Using Mind, Body and Spirit Healing “Soul”utions, published by Balboa Press.  All attendees will receive a FREE signed copy of the book as a Gift from me.


This powerful and life-enriching healing retreat will offer participants an opportunity to learn new tools of self-discovery and healing to move through and transform the emotional pain of grief and loss to an empowered life of deep peace, happiness, love and joy.

During the three day experiential healing retreat, you will learn new tools to change those thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that are keeping you “stuck” in the emotional pain of grief and loss.  Grief is a normal reaction to loss that doesn’t have to take years to recover.  You will learn how to move through the grief and loss faster and easier than you ever thought possible leading to long-term recovery and a happier life.

Once you identify what is holding you back from living a life of peace and happiness, you will take a step by step journey through the release process to eliminate these and replace these with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and peace. You will do this through holistic practices combining mind, body and spirit healing “soul”utions. The only true way to heal is through the mind, body, spirit connection which is not found in traditional grief recovery programs. You will then be ready to create your unique personal roadmap to wholeness and happiness and your Purpose, Passion and Pleasure Map.

Join a community of like-minded kindred spirits who love and support each other through our healing weekend.  Your investment for this 3 Day Intensive Retreat is $497.00 which include the workshops, a signed copy of my book with a personal note to you, materials and great food. Special guest speakers and Spa services are also available during the Intensive for an enhanced healing experience.


Sign up before October 15th and receive a $100.00 early bird bonus to start with. AND IF YOU PURCHASE MY BOOK THEN YOU CAN APPLY THE $100 RETREAT BONUS INCLUDED IN THERE …. SO YOUR investment for this high impact 3 Day Intensive is not $597… and not even $497… but only $397.00.

This is an intimate retreat and therefore spaces are limited so make sure to sign up early to secure your spot! Register by going to: EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 


Upon registration, the Retreat details will be emailed to you with location and our agenda for the weekend of which an outline is as follows:

• The Six Common Myths about Grief Recovery that will keep you stuck

• The Power of Acceptance, Surrender and Forgiveness in the Healing Process

• A Healing Process for Forgiveness Shifting Your Consciousness through the  Stages of Evolution of the Soul and the 13 Chakra System for Healing

• Gifts of the Spirit

• Healing Meditation Healing for the Mind – Your Thoughts, Emotions, Attitudes and Belief Systems for Healing Grief and Loss

• Meditation and Visualization experiences for Mindset Shifts

• Healing for the Body with the Five Elements, Acupressure, Oils, Yoga and Wu Tao Dance

• Eight Ways to Align with Spirit for Healing

• Intuition Development Experiences

• Five Element Personality Profiles and Healing Grief and Loss

• Creating Your New Beginning – Your Roadmap to Wholeness

• Creating Your Roadmap to Wholeness in 90 Days or less

• Interpreting Your Dreams and Dream Analysis

• The Tao of Healing Using Feng Shui Principles for Grief and Loss And More………

I will be truly delighted to see you on this Retreat which is my first ‘official’ one after publishing my first book today!! You will be part of the first group who will receive my best healing tools and techniques to create a happy life! Yeah!

With love & blessings, Sandra

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