As a smoker for 43 years, with health issues, I had been researching ways to help me to be a non-smoker, without gaining excess weight. I had had success many years prior with group hypnosis and wanted to find someone locally that was proficient in hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and weight loss, all in one program.

One evening I noticed that the car in front of me had a business ad for Hypnotherapy. I wrote down the website and contacted Sandra to see if we could work on these lifestyle changes I wanted.

After the first session, I was able to quit smoking and get a new perspective on my life. I no longer had the urge, or desire, to smoke and the feeling was great. I was finally free of that nasty habit and living as a non-smoker.

With Sandra’s guidance and coaching, my life has changed in a positive way and we are now working together on improving my health with weight loss. I know that I will achieve my weight loss goal, in time, due to Sandra’s ability in providing the tools for me to take control of my lifestyle.

Sandra, thank you for providing me with the tools to improve my life and my health. I feel like a new person.
Carol J., Sacramento, CA
I came to see Sandra to breakthrough issues around fulfilling my purpose and destiny. Although I am successful professionally, personally and spiritually, I was aware of old beliefs and patterns that kept me from completely fulfilling my purpose in life and hindered my progress and satisfaction. Two days after my breakthrough session with Sandra, I experienced an opening and expansion in my heart which allowed my joy and my love to spontaneous bubble up and outward. This had an immediate overwhelmingly positive affect on my partner and our relationship. We are more relaxed with each other and are enjoying each other much more; an unexpected and delightful result of my work with Sandra. I can’t wait to see the improvements in my work and other areas of my life. Already, I notice more self-acceptance, compassion, and satisfaction and a reduction in anxiety and self-judgement. I recommend Sandra wholeheartedly!
Kamila Harkavy, Mortgage Consultant and Financial Coach, San Rafael, Ca.
I came to see Sandra with a need to change some parts of my life that were no longer working for me. The main reason was to stop drinking alcohol on a daily basis so I could be happier and live a healthier and fulfilled life. After my first session with Sandra, I not only lost the craving for alcohol, but I got a lot of insight as to the reasons that I became dependant on alcohol. I am now happier and have a different perspective on life. I am very confidant in achieving my goals of being healthy and enjoying life to the fullest as a result of the work conducted by Sandra. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to release self-destructive behaviors and start living a happier and more fulfilled life.
Eric O., Sacramento, CA
Sandra is an awesome coach. She has a gentle demeanor, and an ability to be very direct, getting you to the core quickly. She assisted me in getting through an issue that I didn’t even know was holding me back. In 30 minutes I was free from something I carried for almost 40 years! Thank you Sandra!
Traci L Gaffney, Parenting Coach-Speaker-Author

Sandra is a bright, shining star who easily guides you towards the life you desire. Her optimistic spirit and understanding of life’s challenges provided a safe place where I easily opened to change. Her kindness and wisdom of body, mind and spirit are solid. I love all the tools she incorporates and has to choose from, it is a rare person with so many dynamic skills. Thank you, Sandra, for your positive influence on my life.

Betsy Finders, RN, HTP, CH, Portland, OR